Best Spray Paint for Fiberglass, Vinyl & Plastic

Whether you are to paint any newly build fiberglass, vinyl or plastic surfaces, or want to repaint the older ones to bring the shine back, you are on the right page.

The painstaking days are long gone when you replace the old ones with the new ones, thanks to the best spray paint for fiberglass and vinyl. You can simply turn an outdated, dull-colored material into a shiny one with the right spray paint.

Spray paints are the most versatile. However, I’ve found some that are versatile but just right for fiberglass and vinyl applications.

Hunting down the expert views and buyer’s opinions thoroughly, I’ve put together an appealing list and a handy buying guide.

best spray paint for fiberglass

All the spray paints had to go through the filtration for being a durable, weather-resistant, great-looking, and efficient formula to be listed here.

5 Best Spray Paint for Fiberglass, Vinyl & Plastic

I’ve sketched the product list by considering the right combination, better resistance, durability, and good adhesion. There are 5 of those for you; check them out.

1. Rust-Oleum Fiberglass & Plastic Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Fiberglass & Plastic Spray Paint

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This piece of spray paint from Rust-Oleum comes in a 12 oz size. It’ll come in handy, and you can apply it to your plastic items single-handedly. And surprisingly, you get to choose three color shades, including Black, White, and Dark-Hunter Green.

Well, rather than jumping the gun directly, you must ensure your desired items are spick and span – not a pinch of dust, debris, or buildups.

Because this spray paint fires an oil-based formula, if you don’t have the surface cleaned, you’ll see residues showing up eventually.

Interestingly, you won’t need any priming beforehand – saved you some pennies there – which lets you apply directly.

Covering up to 10 sq ft pet bottle, it’ll be applicable for both indoor and outdoor items – all plastic ones, including vinyl plastics, fiberglass, resin, PVC, lawn chairs, mailboxes, storage lockers, etc.

Dialing back to oil-based formula, this will surely take your items to last decades. It’s durable enough to outrun any scratches, chips and provides superior adhesion for more durability.

However, one thing that might leave you concerned is how long it’ll take to dry. Don’t fret; within 20 minutes of applying, the paint will dry rock solid. Your product will be ready to use.

Overall, if you want the best spray paint for plastic with an excellent gloss finish and color retention, this one should be your pick.


• Dries truly fast
• It puts up an excellent coverage
• Applicable on both indoor and outdoor items
• Not prone to any chips or scratches
• Ensured durability for ages


• Sometimes it doesn’t go nicely with hard plastics

2. Rust-Oleum Tube and Tile Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Tube and Tile Spray Paint

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Here I’m with another mighty spray paint from Rust-Oleum. Now, if you wish to bring back the life of your sink, shower tub, tiles, you can count on the Tube and Tile Spray Paint from Rust-Oleum as the name goes by.

So, don’t be surprised that you can apply it only to plastic-made products. However, you won’t miss the mark with this 12 oz can. This spray is pretty neat and clean to use, especially indoors, and covers up to 15 sq ft. But no need to be tricked; you can have it applied for outdoor items as well.

From the moment you spray it on your desired project, it’ll take around 15 minutes to dry and ready for the next coat. Pretty fast, isn’t it? But it’ll quest three days to dry and be exposed to water fully.

Unlike the previous one from Rust-Oleum, this piece features an epoxy acrylic formula to combat ferocious hot temperatures and moisture. You can say it’ll go for the long haul without compromising a bit of its quality.

So, what makes this epoxy spray paint for fiberglass a deal-breaker? Not to surprise, this spray comes with a waterproof formula, meaning that you can use it on washable surfaces with utmost ease.

But you might fuss over its durability or stability. Relax there; this piece features resistance to corrosion, abrasion, wear-outs, and all other natural damages. Bet that your money is in safe hands.


• Stands up against hot temperatures and moistures
• Ideal for tiles and tubs
• Dries pretty fast
• It covers a suitable area
• Provides a waterproof finish


• The smell is robust to sniff
• One single can won’t be enough to do most of your jobs

3. VHT Satin Black Epoxy All Weather Paint

VHT Satin Black Epoxy All Weather Spray Paint

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Awkward weather situations will hit you hard, and the same goes for your household items. In the case of your fiberglass and vinyl items, you might love to pull your horses at VHT SP652 All Weather Paint – this is genuinely worth the shot. Know why?

The epoxy coating formula of this paint is a legendary solution against rust, corrosion, salt, and chemical resistance, and that goes for all the nasty weather moments. You won’t have to think twice before having this one if you’re struggling with weather issues.

Before applying, most traditional spray paints require priming, and priming costs like hell. But this one is your single-step solution.

You can directly apply it to your outdated, dull-colored items. And to that color concern, there are three color tunes available – Satin Black, Gloss White, and Gloss Black.

However, though it doesn’t require fussy priming, you’ll have to make a bit of preparation before spraying it.

With a clear-cut preparation, you can enjoy superior adhesion and eventually end up getting a clear coat spray for fiberglass if you’re looking for one to use on fiberglass.

It takes about 30 minutes to dry the paint from the time you pour it on the applications. And if you wish to use the tool you just painted, you’ll need to wait a night. Nothing else is needed for drying, such as curing.

Besides, the paint is designed in such a way that it can absorb at least 250℉ or 121°C temperature – a weather controller guy indeed. It’s suitable to apply on kick panels, tools, suspensions, plastic patio furniture, fiberglass-made pieces, etc.

Finally, if the weather is troubling you the most and triggering your wings, well, this VHT can be your final call. Give it a shot.


• No additional curing needed
• It dries out really quick
• Resistant to chemicals, rust, and salt
• Works even at a higher temperature
• No priming required


• It might take additional coats to complete even a regular project
• Runny

4. Flitz Ceramic Spray Sealant and Protectant

Flitz Ceramic Spray Paint

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How about a spray paint that bangs for the buck and fills up all the cups of your needs at the same time? Crazy, isn’t it? The spray paint from Flits is one of a kind, and the craziest part is it can work on sealing and protecting your applications.

First off, this dual-purpose paint can fit all types of your projects, including cars, motorcycles, bikes, boats, granite, all kind of metals, RVs, trucks, all plastics, clear coats, all human-made materials.

Especially if you’re seeking the best spray paint for fiberglass boats, the Flitz Ceramic paint indeed gives you a choice.

You must have heard of car wax, car sealant, or carnauba wax to seal and shine your boat’s looks. But time to leave all of that if you’re using any because this piece creates a longer-lasting and shining base than any wax.

Plus, the sealant gets covered with a superior coating, aka the king of protection, to survive more than 12 months seamlessly while covering 1,100 sq ft. That’s a massive investment; you can bet for your pennies. This sealant works as a protectant with a ceramic shell.

You’d never find any shell that could combat salt, water stains, bird dropping, bugs, yellowed headlights, UV rays, brake dust, weathering, dirt, acidic rain, and debris – all of it at once except this Flitz Spray Paint.

However, the better a spray paint is or not,it has to be super easy to apply. Without any buckets, brushes, rollers, you can simply pour it and get your jobs done within 10 minutes. No residue and no swirls will be left behind.


• Superfast drying method
• Provides heavy protection
• Used as both sealant and protectant
• No need for additional cleaning supplies to apply
• Better than any wax


• Costs more than other products on the list

5. Krylon K02425001 Fusion for Plastic Spray Paint

5. Krylon Plastic Spray Paint

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You can say goodbye to your worries if you’re hunting for the best spray paint for vinyl, and guess what? The Krylon K02425001 is the answer – you hit the nail on the head. It’s a genuine choice for vinyl-made items or vinyl-surfaced floors.

This spray paint features a 12 oz size, comes in a Burgundy finish to provide an aesthetic color to your projects. Smooth finish and elegant design – it’s all in one.

To apply this one, you won’t have to scratch a lot because it doesn’t require any sanding or priming.

But don’t forget, you’ll have to do some preparation like wiping the dust, debris, and residues out of the surface. A normal cloth can do your job or a damp one.

However, if you aren’t careful while preparing the surfaces, you might wreak havoc, and chips will come off too quickly. You’ll have to go back to square one. Therefore, when you’re applying with all precautions, it’ll dry fast and become super chip-resistant within seven days. It’s quite time-consuming, though.

Anyways, the Krylon can go along with PVC, resin, plastic pipes, vinyl shutters, fiberglass, plastic chairs, furniture of both indoor and outdoor, and most other plastic materials. You can do all the revamping jobs with this single one.

Lastly, one thing you’ll enjoy for sure about the spray is it has EZ Touch 360 Dial Spray Tip.You can move the nozzle 360 degrees to spray from any direction you like.


• Suitable with most plastic materials
• The ideal choice for vinyl
• Included 360-degree nozzle tip
• Resistant to chip
• Faster drying formula


• You’ll need to clean the tip each time after using

Things to Consider Before Buying Plastic Spray Paint

No paints are made with equal specification, and by now, you know that. Even after that, there’re some facts you should consider to have your hands on the best piece. Let’s cut to the chase.

• Paint Quality

The most confusing thing you’ll notice in spray paint is the quality, how it works. Well, no matter how much it costs, the quality always matters.
Now, check out for a spray paint that will live up to your expectations and is durable too. That’s the thumb rule.

On top of that, the gloss thing matters when you’re getting spray paint because some of them are too bright, and some are darkening. But a semi-gloss one can sit between all the odds and should be your choice.

• Resistance

Well, this is one of those facts that you can’t totally ignore and hang around. Without having proper resistance, buying spray paint will be worthless. It’ll never worth your pennies.

So, resistance can be against moisture, chemicals, salt, rust, hot temperature, and many more. It boils down to your choice of what kind of resistance you basically need.

But above all, spray paint must be moisture-resistant. Otherwise, you can notice that the applied item is getting smudges or running out even with the slightest touches.

• Drying Time

As the market has endless options for spray paint, each paint features a different drying time. Some brand claims their spray paint can dry within 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and some say 30 minutes for better adhesion.

But what do you want? Fast or slow drying method? Well, whatever it is, I’d suggest you check a brand that offers faster drying time. However, the product is, it may vary during the drying time because of weather conditions.

• Material

Not to forget, even if you’re to paint a plastic material, you must remember that plastics have multiple variants. Following that, each plastic product might not be suitable for the spray paint you pick.

Hence, I’d definitely advise you to know about the item you’ll paint. Additionally, there’s some spray paint that can work on multiple applications. You can go for one of those and save your wallet. Read more: top 5 spray paint for wicker furniture.

FAQs – Fiberglass, Vinyl & Plastic Spray Paint

Does fiberglass need to be primed before painting?

Certainly not; fiberglass doesn’t need priming before painting. Priming works on filling the porous surfaces and make them smooth before painting. But fiberglass comes naturally smooth.

Can you paint a fiberglass boat with automotive paint?

Typically, a regular boat cannot absorb the automotive paint properly and will chip off instantly. But you can surely paint a fiberglass boat with automotive paint.

What kind of paint will stick to vinyl?

The most reliable paint for vinyl is acrylic-based paint. They’ll never chip off or crack from the surface. Plus, acrylic paint that is modified with urethane also works.

Does spray paint stay on plastic?

Traditional spray paints aren’t suitable to stay on plastic. Most of the paint manufacturers provide paint for precise application. The advanced paints not only stick but also create a strong bond by fusing into the plastic.

Final Words

Above, I enlisted a few reviews about the best spray paint for fiberglass and vinyl, along with an interesting buying guide to help you on the way. I hope you got all the information you quested to make the right purchase.

As per my opinion, you should go for the Rust Oleum 280882 Tube and Tile Spray Paint. It provides you faster drying, resistance to multiple hazards, durability, stability, and many other benefits.
Happy Painting!

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