Best Clear Coat Spray Paint

Everyone wants to keep their car the same way it looked when we first got it: crystal clear shine, sparkling rims, spotless windows, vivid color, and squeaky clean. Soon enough, just like every other car, they all lose their shimmer.

But, what if this wasn’t a problem? What if you could preserve your car’s flawless appearance for a long time and all from the comfort of your own home? It might sound unlikely at first thought, but that is what the best clear coat spray paint is here to do.

Best Clear Coat Spray Paint reviews

After a week of extensive research, we have compiled a detailed and informative list of the five most amazing clear coat spray paints, taking the feedback of verified consumers all over the world. Here’s what we’ve gathered to help you find the best product for your car.

If you’re looking to splurge or on a budget, basically, no matter which price range you’re aiming for, you’ll find that any of these spray paints will fit into your criteria.

1. Spray Max 2K Clear Coat Spray Paint

Spray Max 2K Clear Coat Spray Paint

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Need a clear coat that protects your car and looks great while it dries? This clear coat spray paint does wonders on the durability of your car’s exterior and treats it to a majestic glow.

The best clear coat spray paint for cars is the most protective and durable, and this spray paint is one of them.

Its damage repelling formula preserves your car’s color quality and surface, and it’s chemical and weather resistant. It also prevents wearing of your car’s exterior.

Its damage-resistant qualities aren’t the only things that make this spray paint so remarkable.
This clear coat spray paint provides a crystalline shine to the surface of your car and treats it to a high gloss finish. Plus, the spray paint applies evenly and gives a sleek and smooth texture.

Base coats can be tricky to layer over on. They may not react well with the clear coat you use and cause multiple problems, like color bleeding, dripping or melting paint, streakiness, etc.

Thankfully, you can apply this clear coat spray paint over any base coat without any faulty or messy reactions. It ensures a mess-free painting experience.

Moreover, you can also expect this clear coat to last for a long time. Its highly durable and protective formula not only prevents damage but also seals any existing imperfections like scratches, scrapes, chips, and more.


  • Durable and damage resistant coating
  • Long-lasting car paint finish
  • Seals existing damages
  • Works on any base coat


  • The nozzle can clog at times
  • Requires careful storage

2. Dupli-Color Clear Automotive Top Coat

Dupli-Color Clear Automotive Top Coat

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This acrylic clear coat spray paint is a favorite among car professionals all around the globe and for all the right reasons.

For a seamless and quality finish, this spray paint is the way to go. Its easy-to-use mechanism features a 360-degree nozzle that can function at any angle, even upside down, which is great for reaching hard-to-cover spots.

Also, the nozzle distributes the clear coat evenly and in a wide range, and the spray paint itself dries to the touch in 30 minutes.

Whether it be scratches, chips, faded spots, scrapes, or other damaged areas, this clear coat will seal and resist further harm, making it not only a durable formula but also exceptional for large touch-ups.

In addition, it will make sure the protective seal stays on for a long time. Most acrylic-type spray paints can appear dull at times, but this spray paint delivers an excellent, crystal clear shine that’s as durable as it is eye-catching.

Plus, it’s not only cars that get to be adorned by this spray paint’s brilliance – motorcycles, bikes, and various automotive are compatible with this product.

Additionally, this spray paint is a common tool used by car professionals across the world. So, please don’t take our word for this product’s excellence, but take theirs.


  • Protects from damage
  • Great for touch-ups
  • Brilliant shine
  • It dries in 30 minutes


  • Leaky nozzle
  • Low coverage

3. Rust-Oleum Clear Coat All Surface Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Clear Coat All Surface Spray Paint

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This 11-ounce matte clear coat spray paint has an off-putting appearance, but shake it once and spray it on, and you’ll never be more impressed.

Most oil-based spray paints will serve a glossy look but can’t live up to a good matte finish.
However, this clear coat spray paint is formulated to apply as a regular oil-based spray paint would and provide a classic clear matte finish with a low sheen look.

All you need to activate this spray paint is to shake it for one minute. After that, witness it seamlessly distribute the clear coat within wide coverage.

Its fast-acting properties help to adhere it to the surface in a short time and deliver a quick smooth to the touch. This spray paint will effortlessly cover it all if it is metal, wood, plastic, wicker, fiberglass, vinyl, or even concrete.

This multifunctional spray paint also saves a lot of time on any of these surfaces, as it dries in only 30 minutes within 15 square feet of wide range coverage.

In addition, this spray paint will work like magic in terms of durability. If your automotive exterior is prone to corrosion, chipping, fading, etc., this clear coat will seal everything in place while also treating it to a long-lasting and flawless shine.


  • Ideal to use on different surfaces
  • Quick-drying formula
  • Classic matte finish
  • Sleek low shine look


  • Not suitable for enamel-based products

4. Krylon Acrylic Spray Paint Crystal Clear

Krylon Acrylic Spray Paint Crystal Clear

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The “Crystal Clear” in its name isn’t just a regular alliteration. It’s a promise. In its first application, this spray paint will provide a stunningly glossy finish with a wonderful shine.

Plus, the clear coat itself has enhancing properties, which improves the appearance of artwork and refines photo contrast.

A usual issue with clear coats is the inevitable yellowing of the once glass-like transparent paint.
Fortunately, with this spray paint, you’ll see that its long-lasting formula prevents the paint from developing any yellow hues. So, you can push away any thoughts of redoing the topcoat in the future.

The versatility of this spray paint is truly something that deserves praise. It adheres impressively to more than nine different surface types, most notably including plastic, wood, metal, glass, paper, paper mache, plaster, and even dried silk flowers.

So, don’t hold yourself from going beyond the exterior of your car and try it on other surfaces.
Still not convinced? This spray paint dries to the touch in under 15 minutes with superior adhesion to multiple kinds of surfaces in a smudge-proof, mess-free performance.

It’s also resistant to damage and moisture and has remarkable longevity to ensure premium durability.


  • It doesn’t yellow over time
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Excellent shimmer with enhancing properties
  • Highly protective


  • Unpleasant smell
  • Exposure to fumes if used indoors

5. Krylon Clear Coatings Aerosol Paint

Krylon Clear Coatings Aerosol Paint

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If you’re looking for a clear coat spray paint with UV protection, the search stops here. This spray paint will protect your car from harmful UV rays while providing a glass-like finish.

After only 10 minutes of application, this spray paint will provide excellent, full coverage. Smooth to the touch, radiant shine, ultra-protective coating, and more are just a few of the features this spray paint can deliver within mere minutes.

Color quality is another feature this spray paint excels in. The clear coat resembles glass after drying and is transparent, but with brilliant radiance that enhances color and artwork.
Moreover, the paint itself does not yellow with age and is resistant to any other form of color change.

This clear coat spray paint is excellent if you’re out in the sun for prolonged periods of time.
It’s because of the UV-resistant formula of this spray paint that your car will be protected from harmful rays, shielding the quality of your car from any risks.

Plus, it works just as well on multiple surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic, wicker, and more, ensuring maximum usage, so nothing goes to waste.

Additionally, this spray paint has amazing long-lasting effects. Not only is the clear coat durable right after the first application, but its protective properties make the paint itself more permanent and resistant to various types of damage, namely, moisture.


  • Protection against UV rays
  • Long-lasting for outdoor applications
  • Applicable on versatile materials
  • Good color quality


  • It gives a hazy appearance to glass
  • The smell stays for some days

Things to Consider Before Buying Clear Coat Spray Paint

Now that you’ve gone through our list of recommendations for the best clear coat automotive spray paint for your car, you might already have an option or two in mind that you’d like to try out for yourself.

However, there are still a few factors you might want to keep in mind before making a decision.


The last thing you would expect from a clear coat is not to be clear. Sadly, yellowing due to age is prevalent among topcoats for auto parts, and only a few spray paints fight this problem diligently.
Usually, this color change happens because the clear coat you’re using may be water-based, which tends to attract hues and tints.

So, keep an eye out for a spray paint that contains water-repelling polyurethane. It will ensure that your clear coat won’t yellow any time soon.


It’s hard to tell if a clear coat spray paint will last long without trying it out physically. But, from what we’ve discussed in our list, various features can play out into a product’s overall long-term performance.

These features include resistance to damage, chipping, fading, abrasion, corrosion, and even UV rays.

If you spot a clear coat that promotes any of these factors, you have found a good product. The long-lasting effects of a well-functioning clear coat spray paint will spare you time and effort in the future.

How to repair damaged clear coat AT HOME! with SPRAY CANS!

FAQs on Clear Coat Spray Paint

Is a clear coat necessary?

A clear coat isn’t necessary, but it is highly recommended for the durability and appearance of your car. This is because clear coats help enhance color quality and protect your car’s exterior from damage.

What does clear coat spray paint do?

Scratches, scrapes, chips, faded spots, and peeling are just some of the imperfections that clear spray paint can cover-up. Also, it protects your car from all sorts of damage, especially UV ray damage, while deepening the color quality of your car’s paint job or artwork.

How long to wait before clear coat spray paint?

It depends on the consistency of the product. Some clear coat spray paints can dry in 15 to 20 minutes and be ready for the next layer. The average clear coat takes about 30 minutes to be completely ready. So, for a safer option, wait at least 30 minutes.

Can you spray clear coat the next day?

Most spray paint labels recommend waiting a day for the application to avoid any wrinkles, peeling, or chipping, while others say to do everything within the first hour. Basically, it all depends on the function of the product.
To be on the cautious side, follow whatever the guide on the spray paint says or wait for at least 24 for the clear coat to reach full cure.

How many layers of clear coat should I apply?

To avoid any wrinkles, chips, cracks, etc., apply only a thin film of clear coat as the first layer. Then, you can apply an additional 2 or 3 depending on how much product you want to use or how much your car requires.

How long does a clear coat last?

Again, it all depends on which spray paint you choose. Some spray paints will last for only a couple of years and then either become yellow or start to erode. A good clear coat automotive spray paint will last at least 15 years.


With the overwhelming number of clear coats out there on the market, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. So, we hope we’ve helped you find the best clear coat spray paint for your car and lessened the burden of finding one through the hundreds of options.

Just consider our advice while making the final decision, and you’ll end up with a great clear coat in your hands.

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