5 Best Silver Spray Paint Reviews

Name a couple of colors that can never go wrong – silver will without a doubt be on that list. But what happens when silver loses its effect on metal surfaces?

Hubcaps may just be mere decoration for a car. But without proper paint, it will become dull and affect the entire car’s appearance.

Also, we get so lost in the rush of things that we don’t even notice our homeware losing its shine. That’s why the best silver spray paint is there to make sure you never have to worry about this again.

Silver Spray Paint reviews

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of searching hours and hours for the best silver spray paint for you, leave it to us! In this article, we have run extensive research, which took almost 4 days to come to a conclusion.

The following list includes products that got the highest appraisal of customers and experts to make sure you end up buying the right one.

5 Best Silver Spray Paint Reviews

No matter if you’re on a budget or looking to splurge, you will find the following spray paints to be exactly to your liking and be satisfied with each of their experiences.

1. VHT SP188 Ford Argent Silver Wheel Paint Can

Need a spray paint that is both durable and stylish? This one’s for you. Its abrasion-resistant formula and sleek finish give an all-around effect on surfaces.

Over time, car tires get so worn out that they start to lose their heat resistance, and as a result, the hubcaps may easily scratch, fade color, or in worst-case scenarios, rust. Luckily for us, this VHT spray paint tackles all these issues.

Not only does this spray paint protect your car wheels from heat damage, but it also helps to fight damage from harsh chemicals. Its restore and repair mechanism will bring back the lost shine to your hubcaps in no time. Moreover, this spray paint can work with most home appliances, so it’s multifunctional.

If you were ever worried about driving your car for too long or taking the long way to somewhere to avoid a rough road, your worries would end with this spray paint. Its heat-resistant formula protects car wheels from temperatures up to 900 degrees!

Additionally, this spray paint is rich in the chemical polyurethane, which is a plastic substance used to make your car wheels weather-resistant. This means no matter how out of control it gets outside, your hubcaps will still be sparkly clean.

If your car wheels have aluminum or steel hubcaps specifically, this spray paint will do wonders to them. We have published a new article last week about the best spray paint for cars. You can check that out.


• Heat resistant, chemical resistant, and weather-resistant
• Easily restores the shine
• Protects heat damage up to 900 degrees for wheels
• Multifunctional, can be used for most homeware


• Must be secured safely to prevent paint from clumping or clogging

2. Rust-Oleum 1915830 Silver Spray Paint

If there’s a kind of spray paint that you can never go wrong with, it’s surely from Rust-Oleum. This spray paint will bring your home the perfect silver shine.

No surface, whether it be metal, plastic, wood, etc., is safe from damage. This is why Rust-Oleum’s silver spray paint is formulated for all these surfaces to tackle damage of any kind. A few sprays of this paint will restore uneven surfaces and leave it with an amazing silver finish.

If you’re looking for spray paint with excellent color quality and vibrance, this is your best choice. Infused with actual metal flecks, this spray paint perfectly mimics pure silver and will give any surface you use it on a brilliant shimmer. Plus, it does all this without the need for a topcoat.

Most spray paints can be tough to work with as it requires additional products, like a clear topcoat. One of the many advantages of this spray paint is that it works perfectly by itself and doesn’t require further coats.

For quick and easy projects, this spray paint is the best go-to. Its rapid drying formula makes the paint ready-to-touch after only 15 minutes of it being sprayed. For big projects, this also works like a charm providing up to 12 square feet of coverage.


• Works on multiple types of surface
• Efficient coverage
• Dries quickly
• Metallic finish makes surfaces brighter


• Requires safe storage to prevent nozzle from hardening in place
• Drying takes longer if multiple layers are coated

3. Rust-Oleum 286477 Specialty Spray Paint, Silver Mirror

Another quality sliver paint from Rust-Oleum that does wonders for DIY projects. It’s a rich and attention-holding silver that’s durable as well.

There are only a few spray paints out there that work on glossy surfaces and hold their colors. This is one of them.

With most spray paints, you will find that the color does not react well with glass-like surfaces, especially mirrors. This oil-based spray paint does just the right job for surfaces that resist pigmentation, such as mirrors, tiles, glass appliances, tabletops, and more.

Sleek textures are hard to work with because the paint can easily slip around and cause mishaps. Fortunately, with this spray paint, making a mess is something you’ll never have to worry about, so if the best silver spray paint for mirror frames is on your mind, this is the choice to make.
Its mixture is adhesive and non-peeling, making it the ideal product for permanent paint jobs.

You might be questioning whether this spray paint will become matted or dull over time and make your once glossy surfaces lifeless and pale. Luckily, this spray paint provides an expert glass-like finish that mimics the surface you use it on and gives it a shiny silver appearance.

Most notably, this spray paint is satisfying to use. Its quick-drying and oil-based formula enables surfaces to absorb it very fast, in only 10 minutes. It can be sprayed on any side (top or bottom) of the glass surface and can cover up to 4 square feet.


• Holds paint to glossy surfaces
• Adhesive, non-peeling, resistant to abrasion
• Dries quickly
• Provides expert-like shine and pigmentation


• Not suitable for large projects
• May appear slightly sheer without double-layering

4. Martha Stewart Spray Paint, Glitter Antique Silver

Just like it says in its name, this spray paint gives your homeware an eye-catching, antique radiance with brilliant color and silver shine.

These are the most versatile spray paints on the list. It works and reacts great with virtually any surface, including wood, most plastic, and a wide range of metals. Moreover, this spray paint gives any surface a smooth, glittery finish.

All this shiny silver spray paint requires is a shake and a push of the comfortable, finger-fatigue-resistant button. Its easy-to-use mechanism will give you the best painting experience and does not exhaust you during long hours of creativity.

Additionally, not only does this spray paint bring vibrance to indoor surfaces, but it works just as great on outdoor surfaces as well. So, you can say goodbye to the days of having to worry about whether and heat for ruining your outdoor furniture’s color.

If the features mentioned above weren’t impressive enough, this spray paint is the definition of quick and effective. It only takes 10 minutes upon the use to become fully dry to the touch.

For a long-lasting and permanent effect, it’s recommended to wait 24 hours for full cure, which is almost half the time it takes for most spray paints to cure.


• Easy to use
• Works on a wide range of surface types
• Compatible for both indoor and outdoor use
• Dries quickly within 10 minutes


• Takes long to cure fully
• Can have a pungent smell in the first few hours of use

5. Krylon K01406 Brilliant Aerosol, Silver Metallic Finish

The amazing features of this spray paint aren’t limited to its amount; matter of fact, it can go a long way with just 11 ounces. From a brilliant gloss finish to a professional-like smooth and sleek texture, this spray paint is definitely the eye candy of this list.

There isn’t a good number of spray paints that do the job right for indoor things. Most of the time you’ll find that they’re either double functioned for indoor and outdoor or just for outdoor purposes.

This spray paint, however, is non-toxic, smooth to the touch, gives a radiant shimmer in house lighting, and also resistant to abrasion, making it ideal for indoor use.

Now, you might be wondering how this spray paint can work without emitting reeking fumes inside the house. Short answer: it doesn’t, because it can’t. This spray paint formula does not contain any toxic or harsh-smelling substances, which makes it completely safe around children and pets.

Plus, it’s quick-drying, so whatever fumes are produced will vanish as soon as they come.

Since this spray paint is the best for indoor use, it also has the versatility of working on almost any surface of your house. This means common surfaces like wood, most plastics, metals, and more can all be treated with the beautiful sparkle this argent silver spray paint brings.


• Dries quickly
• Durable and resistant to abrasion
Metallic shine even in indoor lighting
• Non toxic formula


• Can only be used indoors
• Can drip if too many layers are sprayed without intervals in between

Things to Consider Before Buying

Although you can just randomly make a selection from this list, it’s better if you take the time to compare each product mentioned and see which one suits your criteria for the best silver spray paint the most. If you’re still stuck on what your next move should be, consider these two points: quality and quantity.


When it comes to sliver spray paints, pigmentation, radiance, adhesion, resistance to damage, and permanence matter more than you can imagine, these are the five qualities that make a spray paint effective and most satisfying to use.

Pigmentation is important because that’s what brings color to surfaces, radiance makes the surface brighter, resistance protects the surface from abrasion, and permanence makes sure it does all the above for a long time.

Just look for these points while looking for your spray paint, and you will achieve the best results.


This can mean a number of things; the price range, the amount of product in the spray can, or how long it takes for the product to dry. Actually, quantity can mean anything measured with a number that is brought out by how much spray paint is inside the can.

Things such as coverage in square feet, how many layers of paint it takes for full coverage, full cure time, and drying time – all depend on the quantity of product you have in the spray paint. For the most effective outcome, have a clear idea of how much product your project requires before investing in spray paint.

FAQs – Silver Spray Paint

Can you spray paint wood silver?

Without a doubt! Wood is a very common surface type that is adhesive to paint products and reacts to spray paints well. A good silver spray paint will give wooden surfaces a beautiful shine and bring out a vibrant silver color.

What are the different shades of silver color?

There are a wide variety of shades of silver. Silver as color can range from a warm pale, a feminine pink, neutral sand or chalice, classic tones of roman or old, and the old-fashioned silver we’re all familiar with, sonic. All of these shades compliment any part of the house very well and can be interchanged with one another.

What is a good contrast color for silver?

Rich colors that imitate the tones of jewels and gems suit silver best as contrast colors. These tones come in a huge range of shades, the most common ones being deep emerald green, sapphire blue, classic sage, vintage aqua, or antique turquoise color. No matter where you paint it, it will bring a pop of color to the monotonous silver and give it an eye-catching appearance.


The products listed and detailed above were taken from the feedback of a large number of casual DIYers and verified consumers to ensure you get the best silver spray paint to meet your painting requirements and preference. Determine your needs first, and then opt for one that suits your purpose the most. Wishing you good luck with your project!

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